Chapter 8. Integrating DRBD with Pacemaker clusters

Using DRBD in conjunction with the Pacemaker cluster stack is arguably DRBD's most frequently found use case. Pacemaker is also one of the applications that make DRBD extremely powerful in a wide variety of usage scenarios.


This chapter is relevant for Pacemaker versions 1.0.3 and above, and DRBD version 8.3.2 and above. It does not touch upon DRBD configuration in Pacemaker clusters of earlier versions.

Pacemaker is the direct, logical successor to the Heartbeat 2 cluster stack, and as far as the cluster resource manager infrastructure is concerned, a direct continuation of the Heartbeat 2 codebase. Since the intial stable release of Pacemaker, Heartbeat 2 can be considered obsolete and Pacemaker should be used instead.

For legacy configurations where the legacy Heartbeat 2 cluster manager must still be used, see Chapter 9, Integrating DRBD with Heartbeat clusters.

Pacemaker primer

Pacemaker is a sophisticated, feature-rich, and widely deployed cluster resource manager for the Linux platform. It comes with a rich set of documentation. In order to understand this chapter, reading the following documents is highly recommended: