Please Read This First

This guide is intended to serve users of the Distributed Replicated Block Device version 9 (DRBD-9) as a definitive reference guide and handbook.

It is being made available to the DRBD community by LINBIT, the project’s sponsor company, free of charge and in the hope that it will be useful. The guide is constantly being updated. We try to add information about new DRBD features simultaneously with the corresponding DRBD releases. An on-line HTML version of this guide is always available at


This guide assumes, throughout, that you are using DRBD version 9.0.3 or later. If you are using an 8.4 release of DRBD, please use the matching version of this guide from

Some sections in this guide are marked as Draft. They have been added recently, and should not be considered authoritative. Feedback and comments on these sections are particularly welcome and highly encouraged.

Please use the drbd-user mailing list to submit comments.

This guide is organized in seven parts:

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