3.2. Packages supplied by distribution vendors

A number of distributions provide DRBD, including pre-built binary packages. Support for these builds, if any, is being provided by the associated distribution vendor. Their release cycle may lag behind DRBD source releases.

3.2.1. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

SLES High Availability Extension (HAE) includes DRBD.

On SLES, DRBD is normally installed via the software installation component of YaST2. It comes bundled with the High Availability package selection.

Users who prefer a command line install may simply issue:

# yast -i drbd


# zypper install drbd

3.2.2. CentOS

CentOS has had DRBD 8 since release 5; for DRBD 9 you’ll need to look at EPEL and similar sources.

DRBD can be installed using yum (note that you will need a correct repository enabled for this to work):

# yum install drbd kmod-drbd

3.2.3. Ubuntu Linux

For Ubuntu LTS, LINBIT offers a PPA repository at https://launchpad.net/~linbit/+archive/ubuntu/linbit-drbd9-stack. See Adding Launchpad PPA Repositories for more information.

# apt-get install drbd-utils python-drbdmanage drbd-dkms