4.10. Getting help

The easiest way to get an overview about drbdmanage’s subcommands is to read the main man-page (man drbdmanage).

A quick way to list available commands on the command line is to type drbdmanage list.

Further information on subcommands (e.g., list-nodes) can be retrieved in three ways:

# man drbdmanage-list-nodes
# drbdmanage list-nodes -h
# drbdmanage help list-nodes

Using the help subcommand is especially helpful when drbdmanage is executed in interactive mode (drbdmanage interactive).

One of the most helpful features of drbdmanage is its rich tab-completion, which can be used to complete basically every object drbdmanage knows about (e.g., node names, IP addresses, resource names, …). In the following we show some possible completions, and their results:

# drbdmanage add-node alpha 1<tab> # completes the IP address if hostname can be resolved
# drbdmanage assign-resource b<tab> c<tab> # drbdmanage assign-resource backups charlie

If tab-completion does not work out of the box, please try to source the according file:

# source /etc/bash_completion.d/drbdmanage # or
# source /usr/share/bash_completion/completions/drbdmanage