4.6. Managing snapshots

In the following we assume that the ThinLV plugin is used on all nodes that have deployed resources from which snapshots should be taken. For further information on how to configure the storage plugin, please refer to Section 4.3, “Cluster configuration”.

4.6.1. Creating a snapshot

Here we continue the example presented in the previous sections, namely nodes alpha, bravo, charlie, and delta with a resource backups deployed on the first three nodes. The name of the snapshot will be snap_backups, and we want the snapshot to be taken on nodes bravo and charlie.

# drbdmanage create-snapshot snap_backups backups bravo charlie

4.6.2. Restoring a snapshot

In the following we want to restore the content of the snapshot snap_backups to a new resource named res_backup_from_snap.

# drbdmanage restore-snapshot res_backup_from_snap backups snap_backups

This will create a new resource with the name res_backup_from_snap. This resource then gets automatically deployed to these nodes where currently the resource backups is deployed.

4.6.3. Removing a snapshot

An existing snapshot can be removed as follows:

# drbdmanage remove-snapshot backups snap_backups